Change to meeting date for Parent/s & Educators

Just a quick reminder that the feedback meeting that was scheduled for Thursday, 28 November is now being held on WEDNESDAY, 27 November.

Where: Te Umiumiga a Tokelau, 16 Clendon Street, Naenae
Time: 5pm

Light refreshments will be available.

For further information please contact us on 04 979 4649 / 021 236 3718.

Le Uaea Mosooi is online!

Our first edition is now available online.

You all should have received a hard copy in the Post or via our Postman James – but if not, and you’d like one, let us know.

There is a lot happening over the next few weeks, and up until our closedown period, so watch this space!

If you have any news that you would like to share … contact us.

Have a fantastic week!


Technology to the rescue

With all the visits that our team makes to Educators, children and families, its essential that we are able to record when these visits are made.

Thanks to a great little smartphone app, we’re now able to monitor all visits in real time that our team make.

You can be assured that any visits made to:

  • Educators and children during education and care
  • Enrol children
  • Excursions
  • Recruit new Educators
  • Home health and safety visits
  • Visits to families
  • Or any visits/meetings made during the hours of education and care

Will be captured … where ever a GPS may go, so will Mo Tatou!

We can then use this data to assess what is being done well and what could be done better to ensure that you are all receiving quality and timely visits.





The first month is FREE!

All enrolled children will receive one free month of education and care.

This allows all parents to organise their finances and prepare for payments.

At the end of that month, weekly payments will be at $20.00 per *family.

We value your feedback and are always available to listen to your concerns and ideas … that’s what we’re all about and why we’re Mo Tatou!

When we all work towards a common goal, great things can happen!

Te au o mātua ko fānau, te au o fānau ko mātua

* children with the same parent/s

Play Date – Wednesday, 23 October

All Educator’s, parent’s and children are invited to a Play Date with Naku Enei Tamariki at:

Hosanna Hutt City

1115-1121 High Street


Wednesday, 23 October


Please be sure to let parent’s know that they are welcome to attend and pass on the message to Educators who may not have internet access.

All Educators will need to ensure that a signed excursion form is completed regardless of whether the child’s parent is attending or not.

For further information contact Roseanne or Sharquille: or ring 212 6997 or txt/*798 (Vodafone customer’s only) 021 817 630.

Foundation Educators Celebration

We celebrated the first induction of our Educators, all having successfully completed an In-home Early Childhood Education and Care Induction Course in:

  • Te Whāriki
  • Positive Guidance
  • Mo Tatou Policies and Procedures
  • Emergency Evacuation and Procedures
  • First Aid

As it so happens, there were hiccups but thanks to Jimmy coming to the rescue and our fantastic kitchen crew, there was plenty to eat!

We’d like to thank all the family and friends that attended our celebration, it was a night of ample blessings, inspiring speeches, insightful advice and laughs to boot.

We were also very fortunate to have Catechist Paulo to open and bless our evening.  Faafetai lava.

Special thanks goes to our guest speakers:

  • Sisilia Talamaivao
  • Salevao Manase

And the open floor contribution of:

  • Salā Patrick Leota

Without a doubt there has to be a mention of Peato’s impromptu siva – Faka fetai Peato.  We’ll be sure to upload the video clip of the Educators supporting Peato (once we can persuade them out of their camera shyness).

A great night had by all!


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia

Mo Tatou on the Radio this morning

This morning Thursday, 10 October, 2013 at 10am on Samoa Capital Radio, Ieremia, Tina, Salevao and Faumuina Sisilia will be hitting the air waves.

Tune in to listen!

You can hear them on the internet via this link

First part of interview:

Second part of interview:

Aspirations as an Educator

This was a fantastic brain storming session – we’ve taken your feedback and will work with you towards achieving the goals that you have identified in becoming a better Educator.  There were some great points that you contributed to this session that will help us to build on for future inductions.

Roseanne and Ieremia will also be working with you on creating plans from the personal aspirations that you completed during induction.  It’s an exciting time for us all!



Creative Learners


All painting and collage kits are being delivered today and tomorrow – James is our busy bee this week.

In your starter kits you would have already received coloured paper, crayons, chalk and blank paper, so now you can add on your painting and collage resources.

We all had so much fun in learning about the different ways we can support  children’s learning through creative art at our workshop on Friday.

Parent’s will be thrilled with the art pieces that their children take home!

Tina will have started her visits with you all, so please remember to jot down any questions you may have for her during these visits.

Tina will also be going over Te Whāriki learning objectives for Painting, Messy Play and Creative Art that were discussed at our Workshop on Friday.

Have fun – we could do with some fab art for our office *hint*



Teaching and Learning through Play

Last day before First Aid on Monday, and so it was an ideal opportunity to run a workshop with Educators and children on different forms of play that could be done at home during education and care.

It’s messy play but the children are having so much fun!

We’re extremely fortunate to have Tina Manase as our Visiting Teacher and its been 3 days of quality teaching and learning.

The Educators are excited about starting, confident in what they have learnt, and looking forward to doing further professional development.