I live in a Housing Corp Unit, can I be a Mo Tatou Educator?

Your home is your castle.

No doubt you’ve cared for children, from when they were young to where they are now, and your home is key in giving them comfort, safety and a place that they feel confident in learning about themselves and what should be important in their lives.

Housing New Zealand(HNZ) has responsibilities to ensure that your home is warm and safe, and we hope to help you ensure that HNZ keep to their responsibility.

There are a few regulations that the Ministry of Education would like for all homes to have so that your home will be “fit for the purpose of care”, which the Community Consultant and Visiting Teacher will help you adhere to.

If there are any problems Mo Tatou will work with you to try and resolve these.

It is also important to note that all adults living in the home that are over the age of 17 years and present during care will need to be Police and CYFS checked to ensure the safety of the children attending Mo Tatou. You will be provided with forms to complete in your initial interview with our Community Consultant.

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