I want my child/ren to be taught in their pacific language, can Mo Tatou help with this?

Mo Tatou is a Pasifika service, and we aim to have, where needed, an Educator that may speak a Pasifika language.

We encourage our Educators to speak, sing, teach, and do most things in their home, in that Pasifika language. If your child is enrolled to attend with that Educator, chances are, your child will pick up a few words, phrases, or songs, in that language.

If you want your child to learn your language, then it would be best for us to discuss options that suit your family, maybe you have someone you trust: a family member, a neighbour, or a church going friend who may want to become an Educator, and provide education and care for your child.

Mo Tatou will support you and the Educator in the care and education of your child, and any other additional children that will come into that Educator’s care.




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