Will my child/ren do other things outside the home?

Mo Tatou hopes to have each Educator attend a Playgroup setting at least once a week.

This playgroup will be outside of the home, and in a location where each child is encouraged to play with the other children that are in our programme.

By joining our playgroup, the Educator will find two things: That attending playgroup will break the monotony of being alone at home 6 hours a day, 5 days of the week.


We also hope that the Educator may find another Educator that can relate to what it is they do at home.

Educators will be encouraged to share “best practice” so that they can celebrate their achievements together.

We also hope that in playgroup, the children will find familiar faces to look up to, so that if that child’s Educator is sick, or unable to provide care, that the child can then go to another Educator, one that is more familiar to the child as well.

We also plan on having regular excursions/outings where children are able to build on or extend their current learning, socialise with other children from Mo Tatou and experience new and exciting things.

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