Tatou Malaga – Our Journey

ieremia and roseanneIn 2010 Salā Roseanne Leota and Ieremia Tuivaiti, through their experiences in raising 11 children, came up with an idea to develop a service that provided home based early childhood education and care for children 0-5 years of age in the Porirua area.

This idea was built around three themes and centred around children; the first was parent’s identifying a person that they trusted within their family, extended family or community to become an Educator and to support pre-school children in their own language and culture.

Secondly, to supply an income, professional development and pathways to higher education or career aspirations for the Educators that provided education and care in a safe and welcoming home environment.

And lastly to provide parents/family/caregivers and whanau support in connecting them to their child’s education and identifying community and government services that could assist them with dealing with the everyday challenges of life.

From this idea and with the support and early childhood expertise of Wellington Region Free Kindergarten Association, Salā Roseanne and Ieremia became two of the founders of Etu Ao Home Based Learning in Porirua.

After a year of being part of a ground breaking service and in response to community feedback, they decided to build on their experiences with the Kindergarten Association and start a service in the Hutt Valley area.

That service is Mo Tatou In-home Early Childhood Education and Care.



Roseanne & Ieremia’s 11 children


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