Faafetai lava

Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome to our new home-based service. We are pleased that you have taken the time to visit our site, and hope that you would find the information you are here to find.

Roseanne and I are pleased to announce that our license has been granted by the Ministry of Education and we wish to acknowledge the well wishes, prayers, and work of family and friends to make this all possible, and a reality.

Although this is just the beginning, there is much work to be done, as there are many of our young children, under 6 who are in need of Early Childhood Education(ECE). And Mo Tatou is poised to make a difference, and are looking forward to meeting that challenge.

There are a few people of note:

Salā and Faumuina Sisilia Leota-Talamaivao; your prayers and words of support keeps the ambers of hope burning still.

Tuna and Nat (and most importantly Jasper cuddles): professional, and timely advice on all things NOT involving children, are well received and noted as we go forward with our dream.

Our Children: The oars that drive our boat. Without whom, we are bereft of drive, desire, and destiny!

Isiah, for making small changes that create huge ripples. Leo, for being Te Whāriki on legs at home. Sharquille, for helping when she feels like it (suprisingly often), HoRoymana, for his artistic input, Kaneihana, for being a good little learner, and yet a good role model for our younger girls, Ieremia for being pedantic (in a good way), Sivai for hanging in there, and doing her best, and actually this goes for all the younger ones. Danii, Caroline, Troy, Tiana … thanks for doing your best to follow when asked (not without question obviously), lead when required, and smiles all the time.

To our beautiful grandchildren who fuel the inspiration daily – LeSiah and Kiara.

And not to forgot the other halves, Djana, Toni and James – your feedback has been encouraging and we definitely know that your support has helped drive our children even thru those late night, impromptu meetings!

Fa’afetai Fa’afetai lava.


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